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Feb 1st 2012 10:22 am - !ANNOUNCEMENT [!announcement]
Hey guys, just checked this community to find that the links are dead. Apparently my host shut down for good, so everything's gone. :( I'll try to reupload everything somewhere else but I wouldn't count on it, to be honest.
This time, though, this post is dedicated to Mass Effect 2's sexy leading ladies. Samara and Kasumi = total girlcrush. rofl these icons are so old

I'm the best thief in the business, not the most famous. Need to watch my step to keep it that way.Collapse )

Here, have some Garrus and Thane icons. A lot of these gorgeous screens were uploaded by silentstefi and iccara and were found here and here, respectively.

My friends got me back into Magic: The Gathering. The thing that originally got me into the game was the art, so here's a small icon-sized tribute to the incredible talent of these artists.

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Nov 15th 2009 09:14 pm - i don't even [(misc) art, graphics: icons]
I'm updating this! Yay! I don't want to study for psych!

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Oct 30th 2009 08:41 am - Good news! [!announcement]
So apparently my image host isn't shutting down, it's going to move to a new server. However, the manager is going to delete all accounts that haven't logged in for a year, and seeing as I used a lot of accounts to keep bandwidth limits from creeping up on me...yeah. I'm going to download all the icons I think are worth keeping to computer and try to get them reuploaded somewhere else. Thankfully I doubt many people view these posts, so I won't be half as fearful using Photobucket.
Aug 26th 2009 07:25 am - Image host is shutting down [!announcement]
Hi everyone -- just stopping by to let you know that the free image host I've been using is going to shut down at the end of September. I'm not going to bother fixing broken images or any of that, so go and save icons now before it happens. Thanks.
Sorry, I haven't been into the whole iconmaking thing for a while, on top of massive loads of school projects... :') I hope to have other kinds of posts coming up though, so stay tuned!

27 | Miscellaneous (Bleach, TTGL, Hellboy, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia, South Park, Watchmen)

falkdsljfalsdfaCollapse )
Thanks to excessive amounts of second semester projects and the people in my dorm acting like they just devolved three thousand years, you get more icons. Aren't you lucky!

I also slightly tweaked the community layout...I've been working with Smooth Sailing for god knows how long and I just discovered the option to put the tags under the subject. :')...

31 | Watchmen (comic and OMG Sally is so gorgeous in the movie D;)
14 | Pokemans
14 | FF and Tales cosplay
15 | Powerpuff Girls (I screencapped that painfully awkward episode where they're all bimbo teenagers just because it was so lulzy)

I henceforth give up on trying to make my cut text interesting. :')Collapse )
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